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Restoration is one of our specialties.

In early 2019 we were commissioned to restore all 8, 9-foot tall, 78 year-old doors on the entrances of St. John's Cathedral in downtown Boise, Idaho. After all those years of being exposed to the 4-seasons and dirt and grime from close passing traffic, the doors were caked with a thick, sticky substance which had to be meticulously scraped by hand to clean all the hand-carved detail work. We had to be very careful to not compromise the original design and mixed a special thinning solution that was both mild enough for the wood and strong enough to loosen the dirt. After filling and strengthening the cracks in the wood, we carefully sanded every inch of both sides and applied a very precise stain mixture to mimmic the original color and texture. This process was repeated 4 times on each of the 8 doors. During the many hours and many sore muscles (especially in the hands) of working towards restoration perfection, we recognized the work we were doing was very important in preserving a very visible part of a local monument on the National Register of Historic Places.
We are proud and honored to have worked on this important project.

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