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G3 Carpentry owner John Wilkins is a 3rd generation carpenter from New England. John started working at 8 years old along side his dad and older brother. He learned to frame, dig holes, install roofing, use the hand tools and clean up after the day was over. After serving in the military he was a superintendent on a larger residential development project. In that position he supervised all the subs of every trade and ran a laborer crew. John has been involved with carpentry his whole life and always has a project to work on. In 1989 he became self employed and over the years G3 Carpentry was born. John's earliest memories are in his fathers work shop watching him do carpentry. John's dad always allowed him to tag along on his jobs. When John's grandfather was in his 80's, his bedroom was a series of built-ins that had all his tool tucked away. He passed that love down to John's dad and to his John and his brother.  You can say we have sawdust for blood.

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